Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 19 of Things I Love: Nespresso

I am absolutely obsessed with coffee. It's a habit that I could not even kick when I was pregnant. I went to the doctor with massive headaches when I stopped coffee cold turkey and he told me to relax and have a cup a coffee. I could have my morning cappuccino or my afternoon iced latte but I had to just pick one. So after the first trimester, I started back my love affair with coffee  and I savored every little drop. 
Thank goodness I have a Nespresso machine because as much coffee as I drink, it has saved me a load of money. Nespresso makes the most delicious espresso, cappuccino, or latte, whatever you fancy, for about a 1/4 of the price of your local coffee shop. Instead of grinding and packing espresso, you buy capsules from Nespresso for about $.50 a piece and just pop them into the machine. 
 How easy is that? (channeling Ina Garten voice)

We have the Essenza C100 and milk frother that is on sale at Linens and Things right now! It's the most basic one that they make and has lasted us for four years. 

One day when I have an office of my own I'm definitely getting the bedazzled machine. 
Who doesn't need a Swarovski espresso machine? Gaudy, but so necessary.

 If you aren't into crystals, you can choose from more than a dozen colors. 
I like the red, the blue, and the citron

Instead of grinding the espresso beans and then packing them into the machine, Nespresso makes little capsules that you just pop into the machine. They come in all different strengths and flavors. 

Nespresso has coffee bars all over the world. I've been to the New York and Paris stores and they are amazing, but the coffee in my house taste just as good!

Do any of you have an espresso machine at your house? I promise these are so easy to use!


  1. Yum, sounds good! I have to have my coffee too! LOVE

  2. Have the identical machine! Can not live without it! The frother may just be my best friend. I can't start my day without a honey latte...yum!!! My husband dropped the plastic water reservoir one Sat morning , after he recessitated me I called and ordered a new one for $5.00 sent ASAP . All was right with the world the following Tuesday:)))

  3. We don't, but I am guilty of two trips to Starbucks for an Americano ... I am thinking this may be a less costly way to get my fix!

  4. I'll take one of the colored ones please! I actually don't drink coffee (gasp!!) but the hubs loves it!

  5. I just registered for one of these last week at Williams-Sonoma! I love the idea of making espresso at home. ;)

  6. I can't live without mine!! And who could resist buying one with George Clooney as the star of the commercials!! Brilliant advertising!