Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lime + Lemon

My favorite drinks in the summer time revolve around limes and lemon. Vodka with a lemon twist or a lime infused mojito are my go to summer drinks. 
 There is nothing like matching your cockail of choice, right? 



Lately, we have been cocktailing it up around the Cheek house, and not in a bad way. The days are longer and the heat hasn't been too bad, so we have been taking advantage of our front porch. Dinner may consist of cheese and crackers some nights, but I can promise you the drinks are homemade with mint from our garden. Wife of the year, right? 


  1. I'm a lime girl all the way - mojito or vodka/lime (always extra lime!) Cheese and crackers with a cocktail, I'm thinking it sounds delicious!

    Great post, Lindsey! xo

  2. Oh I love that tunic! It just screams summer. I really love a vodka cranberry, which I suppose makes me a coral/pink girl!