Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Pretties

It would tickle me to have just one of these pretties to start out this week.

How about lining your drawers with pretty wallpaper? Can you believe that this is a dining table by Lily Pulitzer? You can see more of her collection here

Or have disco balls in your home or office? I'm thinking that P&Q needs a few of these for our office.

A bright new shirt, a pretty bauble, Lily wallpaper, and disco balls could make any Monday more exciting! Happy Monday!


  1. I absolutely need a disco ball for my entry! And I am LOVING that jcrew necklace. Actually, I'm loving everything they're doing right now!

  2. I love that flower lattice necklace!!! Especially in the peach! And love the idea of lining drawers. So pretty & unexpected =)

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  4. I love the bright wallpaper as drawer lining. Definitely trying this in my home office! Such a cute idea :)