Monday, September 24, 2012

Less than 30 until I'm 30

I'll be 30 in a little less than a month. I feel like it's the first time I've reached an age that I made deadlines for when I was younger. Some things I've checked off, and some things haven't happened yet, and I'm OK with that.
I love birthdays, but not necessarily mine. I don't want a big party but feel like this birthday deserves something a little special. I would love to hear any ideas!

On to another celebration, congratulations to Alison of Coupon Kitchen for winning the gorgeous Marquin Designs painting! Email me with your info!


  1. Ahh, omg I'm SO excited to win this! It will be the perfect addition to our home :) Thank you!! Turning 30 deserves a big celebration, even if it is just a really nice dinner out or dinner party with your favorite people. I hope you have a fabulous time!

  2. Eeek so exciting! 30 is pretty good! Trust me. ;)