Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Playful Patterns

Gearing up for Fall Fashion, I'm wanting to update my home and closet with a few playful prints. 


What do you think about these prints in your closet and home? 
I'm not sure the husband would let me bring cheetah into the home, but I'm might just have to try.
 I love the benches at the end of Michelle Adams' bed!


  1. I recently introduced cheetah pillows to our living room. My husband said that is where he draws the line, but they are still out :)

  2. Love those leopard benches! I'm pretty sure my fiancee would have some words about them...but since he moved the gun safe into the dining room (yes...sad, but true) next to my great-grandmother's oak sideboard, I think I have leverage FOREVER. haha

  3. OMG elisegriswoldart.com I completely understand...I had a gun safe in the front room in our last house...we moved and now we compromised and it is in the laundry room. :) I love spots of all kinds.