Monday, June 8, 2015

Shiplap Walls

I'm working on a few new constructions right now and one client is in between doing or not doing shiplap walls in the main living areas. DO!!!! I say, but of course not everyone is just going to go off my word, so I pulled together a few inspiration shots to show them.  It's not something that they had originally planned for, but the architecture of the home they are building is going to pair perfect with this detail. 

Shiplap was used for barns and outbuildings originally, but it's made a comeback, especially in coastal homes. A lot of times, you will see shiplap used in either very rustic or very coastal style homes but more and more builders and home owners are using it. My favorite example is this kitchen  that has a Kelly green island and brass hardware. It isn't a typical shiplap match, but I love the mix of all of these together. 

This little nook is a great space to make a big impact with shiplap. Love the reclaimed wood beam too!

If I had an unlimited budget, I might just shiplap my entire house.

I saw this kitchen last night on Pinterest and just about fell on the floor. Good lord that's pretty. This kitchen doesn't have shiplap (that's brick instead) but this would be a great spot for shiplap. Just look at those pretty details. 

Typically shiplap is either a stained wood or painted white, but I love this painted finish in this bathroom. It's a little softer and makes for such a serene bathroom. 

Shiplap on the walls and ceiling of this bathroom. Look at that tub!

The shiplap and black doors and windows make this typical laundry room so beautiful. People spend so much time in their laundry room and it's always the first thing cut from a budget. Make it pretty in the details so laundry can be (somewhat) enjoyable!

Do any of you have shiplap in your homes? Jenny from Little Green Notebook has a detailed tutorial if you are up for a DIY!


  1. I don't know how I missed that you are back blogging, but so excited. Your life is very full and Maines and Tilley Gray are adorable and getting so big! I am the biggest fan of shiplap and the kitchen with the green cabinets is gorgeous! Hope you're having a great week ~

  2. Lindsey dear.. I love your idea with shiplap walls, I think it gives a holiday air to the room. The 2nd and 7th pics are my favorites, that laundry room is perfect for a movie scene :D
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