Monday, October 5, 2015

Welcome to Gathered

I am so so thrilled to introduce you all to Gathered, my new design studio and store here in Wilmington. It has been a labor of love for the last six months and I can't wait to finally open the doors in a few weeks and invite everyone to come in! If you don't live in town, you can still follow the store on Instagram @gatheredbylindseycheek where I will be posting new arrivals almost daily.

 Original artwork, favorite home accessories, custom headboards, bedding,  throw blankets, vintage rugs, lighting, linens, and fabric and wallpaper by the yard will be a few things that we have at Gathered.  I also want to hear what you all would love to see so don't be shy in telling me! Here are a few things that have come in so far! 

I'm also carrying a few of Tilley-Gray and Maine's favorite things and will of course have snacks and plenty of things to keep your little ones happy if you bring them in too!  While a part of me is totally freaked out on the inside that this is actually happening and praying that you all love it, the majority of me is just so excited to open the doors and welcome everyone in because I love it so much. We are still nailing all the details down, but please mark your calendars for Thursday, November 5th for an opening party! I hope to see you there!


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