Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Grove Park Inn and Market

The idea of relaxing and going to market don't typically go together but this year, Gray had a conference at the Grove Park Inn about the same time that market started. Instead of not seeing each other for a solid week we decided to make full trip of it, sans kids, and spend a little uninterrupted time together. After all, things are going to get a little more exciting around here (that's what I tell myself when I start getting overwhelmed and so far so good!)

We started the trip by stopping in High Point so that I could go to the vintage and antique market. Most of the other showrooms were still setting up and not quite open but being there early I was able to score beautiful things for the store. 

I am constantly on the search for vintage oushak rugs and found beautiful rugs including one for a project I'm working on right now (not pictured). There were piles of over dyed rugs but these were tucked back in a corner folded up and to be quite honest, it was lucky Gray was there with me because he was happy to unfold them all for me. After about half an hour of going through these rugs, there were about a dozen other people around as Gray would flip each rug out. Luckily I got first dibs and scored these for the new store!

Buying for a store is so much harder than pulling things for clients and I can tell just by looking at the store right now what I'm really drawn to and it's unique tables because I have about 6 in my  little store. The last thing I needed to buy was a table but this one caught my eye and I couldn't leave without it. How great would this be in a more modern house with light walls and a set of pretty lamps? Y'all it is so pretty. Somebody come and get it before I take it home!

Gray couldn't get over these vintage dough bowls for some reason so they are came home with us too for the store. I wasn't quite sure about them but you'll see a little further down that apparently he wasn't the only one that loved them (they were all over market!) and I found just the right thing for them!

After I emptied my wallet at the antique part of market, we hoped back in the car and headed to Asheville. Gray was honored this past weekend at a continuing education retreat and I was lucky enough to spend the weekend at the Grove Park Inn with him. We ate and while he was in class I worked a little by the huge fireplace, hiked, went to yoga class, and then on Saturday spent 8 hours at the spa. I didn't know what to do with myself!

I packed so last minute for this weekend and just threw in what I thought I would need for market, a night or two out for dinner, but really didn't think about the days too much while I was at the Grove Park Inn. I went hiking every morning and afterwards had coffee on the back porch while I worked a little. Let me just tell you.... the more "mature" guest at the hotel were no joke. I took this photo because the guest check in was so beautiful, but really.... look at that dapper man. His hat had real feathers in it and those shoes were wing tipped with his monogram on the back. That was basically my motivation to go to yoga class.... to under dressed to stay on the veranda with my mac book and coffee!

Have any of you gone hiking solo before? This was just a few miles but it was so relaxing. With so much going on at home to think about,  I was able to just hike and relax and listen to everything going on around me. 

This sign was about half way through the hike. Thanks for the warning, right!?

The hike ends at an outdoor wind art gallery. It was so peaceful and beautiful and made me think that something like this would be so great when we move into our new house.

The view looking out of the main bar was so pretty! 

Gray and I don't get too much time one on one these days and it was nice to just sit and talk this weekend. 

Two of the three nights we went out to dinner around Asheville. If you aren't familiar with Asheville, it's known for it's food scene and there are so many great restaurants. My brother lives there and recommended a new spot called Curate. It's a tapas bar and when we called a few weeks ago to make a reservation, the only spot they had was at 10pm. We heard it was worth it so went and it didn't disappoint. The menu had about 100 different tapas on it so instead of spending an hour reading the menu, we just asked the waiter to pick out a few for us to try and they were all great.

On Saturday, Gray had classes all day and had booked a facial for me at the spa. My appointment wasn't until the afternoon but everyone told me to go for the day so after hiking that morning I went, I spent almost eight hours at the spa, I just lost track of time. It's that amazing. I didn't take a photo while I was there (no phones/cameras allowed!) but this is what one of the indoor mineral pools looks like. 

Saturday night we went to dinner at Gan Shan Station. Out of the all the meals we ate that weekend, it was by far my favorite. It reminds me a lot of the restaurant Xiao Bao Biscuit in Charleston. The atmosphere was just as great as the food and we sat at the bar so that we could see all the action in the kitchen. If you are ever in Asheville and love Asian food, check it out. 

By Sunday we were anxious to get back home but I needed to spend another day at market so we stopped by High Point on our way back home. The store is opening in a little over two weeks (hope you will come and visit!) and I have a few design clients that I needed to shop for.

This cabinet was so pretty. Wouldn't that be great in a bedroom?

Remember that dough bowl Gray talked me into? Saw them about fifty times on Sunday at market. 

This vintage truck was already taken when I saw it but it was in almost perfect condition and just the right size. 

Went to visit one of my favorite showrooms who had great artwork from Zoe Bios Creative

It was SUCH a good weekend but I was so happy to be home. We didn't get home until late Sunday night and I just wanted to snuggle up with Tilley-Gray and Maines. This week has been great prepping for the opening, working on a fun project on Figure 8 Island, and today I turn 33. Yikes! As I write this, my early bird little girl and (not so early bird husband) are making pancakes for me. Hope you all have a great day too! 


  1. So glad you are back to blogging! Fun catching up on all of your pictures and thrilled for you about Gathered!!! Congratulations and Happy Birthday :)

  2. Thanks for sharing the details from your trip - love the market details. Would you mind sharing the source for your boots (love that they're pointed!) and the cute off-shoulder top?
    Thanks so much - good luck with the new store!

  3. Ditto on the off the shoulder top...where did you get it? I think I need to copy you