Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pregnancy Essentials

I was lucky enough to be on the end of a long string of friends who became pregnant. I have heard tons of funny stories, was given great advice, and have seen each one of them go through their pregnancy, delivery, and now mommyhood with such style and grace. Here are a few of my must-haves for all of you new mommas-to-be out there that will hopefully get you through your pregnancy too. 

This is the one pregnancy book that didn't completely freak me out. It's hilarious and informative and after reading everything she went through (she had the worst of the worst), your pregnancy might seem like a breeze. 

2. A few good pairs of maternity jeans
Don't skimp on these, you will wear them to pieces until you are 9 months pregnant and can't fit in them anymore. That's right, you will be too big for maternity clothes. Buy a size or two up and just go ahead and embrace them. The belly band thing didn't really work for me, so I went straight from rubber banding my pants to maternity pants. Shopbop has the best selection. 

3. Power Momma Spanx
These saved my life through wedding season. I know you might be thinking "why in the world would you want to wear spanx when you are pregnant," but I promise, they make things so much more comfortable when you are wearing dresses and on your feet all day. 

4. Cute maternity tops
Go ahead and just buy a few maternity tops. I went to my favorite boutiques and bought a size up, but could only wear those until about month 7 or 8. It's not a pretty sight to see your bare belly in the reflection of a Target mirror when you have a regular shirt on that you think is passing for a maternity shirt, believe me. It happened this past weekend. Not pretty. Asos has really cute tops that aren't too expensive and Old Navy makes the softest, longest t-shirts for under $10.00. Just go ahead and get you some, because that belly will get bigger than you can imagine. 

(These models are obviously not pregnant, but you get the idea)

5. Johnson's Baby Oil
My skin became really dry and itchy as it stretched and the expensive stretch mark cremes didn't help. Johnson's baby oil was the best thing for me and I don't have a single stretch mark. Just make sure to put it on and let it dry as much as possible before you put on any clothes. 

6.  A good pair of running shoes
Walking is one of the very best things you can do while you are pregnant. Without fail, I walked at least 3 miles a day and I feel like my pregnancy has been so good because of that. A good pair of running shoes is the key. I have gone through two sets of shoes in the past 9 months, and these Brooks are by far the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned. 

7. Healthy Food
I know this seems obvious, but the past 9 months I have craved nothing but fruit, especially berries. Your body is an amazing thing and when I would eat poorly, I would pay for it big time later on that day. I snacked on raw almonds, berries, and smoothies with the occasional chocolate chip cookie (or 2) and it made me feel so much better than noshing on chips and candy. 

8. A Good Attitude
I've been told that I'm an eternal optimist (and not in the nicest way), but I really do believe that you can set your own path with your attitude. Yes, I had morning sickness and swollen feet and feel huge and uncomfortable, but it's been done by millions of women and will be done by so many more, so I knew I could do it too. My sweet husband hears about it, but I tried to stay upbeat and embrace all of the changes. There are so many people out there they can't become pregnant, so I feel  blessed that I became pregnant so quickly and with a healthy baby. 

9. A little pampering
Manicures and pedicures were my feel-goods during pregnancy. I had two massages and they just didn't do it for me. They did the trick for some of my girlfriends, but not for me. With a mani and pedi, at least when your feet and hands are swollen they will be well buffed and polished. 

10. Girlfriends
Above anything else, my girlfriends have been my source of strength and guidance. When I watched scary "Baby Story" episodes while on the treadmill at the gym, they were the ones that told me to turn it off. When I was having gloomy days and thinking "How can I ever be a mom", they reassured me that I could do. They have called me and prayed for me and I am so grateful for that. My family and husband have been incredibly supportive this entire time, but there is nothing like a good group of girlfriends to lift you up and make you feel loved. 


  1. this is such a great list and seems truly from the heart. i am not pregnant nor am i planning on trying any time soon, but when that moment comes i will remember this list. thanks for sharing :)

  2. I love this list! I'm not even close to being preggo, but I have two best friends going through it now. I bought a gift basket of goodies for them, including the hysterical Belly Laughs! I couldn't put it down!! You'll be a great, stylish mom, Lindsey! Best of luck! Congratulations!

  3. These are awesome tips!! I'm 4 months pregnant & have definitely been heading toward the H&Ms and not the pregnancy stores quite yet...belly laugh is hysterical! You're on it!

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