Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We Need to Have a Conversation

about the goodness that I just found. Jemma Wynne  is my new favorite jeweler, hands down. I have no idea how much it cost because I can't find prices anywhere online, which leads me to believe that it won't be in my stocking this Christmas, but there is no harm in looking, right? 

Which one is your favorite? I love any jewelery that can be stacked, so I'm in love especially with their bracelets. The black onyx is killer. 


  1. these are beautiful- this store has listings. these would definitely be nice in a stocking!!

  2. I love the shiny gold bracelet and those multicolored earrings! I peeked at some of her online retailers, and her pieces go for *gulp* thousands. A girl can dream, though!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! What a great surprise one of these would be under the tree. ;)