Friday, March 30, 2012

Favorite Fridays

How has your week been? Mine has been busy with projects, visiting with out of town friends, and getting ready for the weekend. One of my best friends from college and her boyfriend are coming to stay with us this weekend and I can't wait! 

Favorites from J.Crew
I love these paperbag pants and shorts from J.Crew. Have you peeked through their new magazine. I could take one of everything!

They have also teamed with Rikshaw Design and have created adorable designs for babies including these bloomers.

Favorite Exterior
Have you started planting yet? We worked in the yard last week, but one day a little studio like this would be amazing in the back yard. 

Favorite Recipe
Do y'all have favorite cooking/recipe blogs for healthy food? I am totally uninspired to cook these days. 
I was really slack with cooking this week, but we are trying out this Raspberry Lemonade cocktail this weekend. I typically like my liquor with just a splash of soda, but these might be the ticket now that I have a baby. Hangovers are not an option anymore!

Favorite Purchase
These were an acciddental purchase, but the heel of my shoe broke off and I just happened to be right at Monkee's. Thank goodeness. I had a sitter at the time, and let me tell you, I am like a bandit when I have a sitter. I don't stop and eat lunch or even to use the bathroom if I can help it because I'm PAYING someone for that time and babysitters are expensive!  I had to have another pair of shoes to finish the rest of my errands, and these were so cute I couldn't resist. They are the Kate Spade Lexie

Favorite Find
I've been struggling to find a nightlight for Tilley-Gray's room until I ran across these cuties from Jonathan Adler. I can't decide on which one I like the best. Which one is your favorite?

Favorite Photo
So hard to choose, so here are a few of my favorites from this week!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Skinny Taste, Eating Well, and Kalyn's Kitchen are just a few of my favorites! Love Tilley-Gray decked out in the UNC Cheerleader uniform, just precious! Happy Weekend to you!

  2. Love the shoes and can't wait to try the cocktail recipe! Tilley-Gray is a doll! :)
    Happy Weekend,

  3. Love love love the new look. Great profile pic!

  4. I love your new blog design! It looks pretty, pastel and fresh. I have a nightlight in my daughter's room by OXO. It is called, Tooli. They come in fun bright colors and have a modern feel. I do like the JA nightlights you found though.

  5. I was recently diagnosed with a metabolic disorder and can now only eat low carb, low glycemic foods. I was pretty bummed about it until I found Kalyn's Kitchen. Her recipes are awesome! I'll be blogging about one of her dishes tomorrow. You should check it out!

    - Sady

    P.S. Love the facelift!

  6. I am getting the giraffe for my soon to be little one's room, but with J.A., how can you go wrong?