Monday, March 26, 2012

Rompin Round

As summer quickly approaches (what happened to Spring!?) the ease of putting on a romper is so appealing. No matching required, no searching the drawers for a t-shirt to pair with shorts. Just pull on the romper, slip on a pair of flip flops, and out the door you go. 

Are these not adorable? Which one is your favorite?


  1. LOVE rompers!! My fav is the zinke printed one... adorable!

  2. I agree, these are so easy and chic that I love having a couple in my wardrobe for the hotter months. My favorite would have to be the Lanston Overlap Romper...while bright colors are nice, there's something about having a great tan and throwing on black or navy that really makes it stand out!

  3. The lavender is my favorite! They all look so effortless



  4. oh! oh! oh! effortless style. i dig it. i am loving the black one... it is timeless & can transition easily from day to night. xoxo.