Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bathroom Remodel

We finished a Master Bedroom a few weeks ago and when we were done, they asked us to do a major remodel of their Master Bathroom and their powder room. That is about as good of a thank-you note as you can get!
Researching bathroom flooring and lighting options is great, but the clients requested spa worthy shower heads and event toilets. I'll just let you all imagine what kind of research we are doing.
 I will be sure to post a progress report when we break ground. I can't wait for the before/after photos. 

A few inspiration photos...
Barbara Barry Simple Scallop Pendant by Visual Comfort

design by Suzanne Kasler, via Architectural Digest

Marble, bathroom, I've always loved this floor.


elegant bath with surprising elements
Just a note:
Pinterest is a fabulous resource, but it's easy to get caught up in the photos that circulate round and round. A lot of the photos pinned are million dollar homes, show homes, or homes that are not necessarily lived in by people with kids, dogs, or budgets. Those gorgeous bathrooms with no cabinet storage wouldn't be so pretty with make-up and shaving cream cans everywhere.
Just keep that in mind when pinning away!


  1. Love love that second one. So glamorous.

  2. We would love to get ready any morning in one of those bathrooms!

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  6. Those are all gorgeous bathrooms! But what I love the most is the first photo. The walls, ceiling, tile floor, and tub look almost majestic with one another. And the cabinet adds a stunning look to the overall style of the bathroom. I think your clients will love this because of the lighting coming from the outside, and it has good ventilation too.

    -.Darryl Margulies

  7. It seems like your clients were pretty satisfied with your previous work on their master bedroom, so they asked you to do another job. Well, good luck with the master bathroom remodel! Anyway, among those bathroom inspirations you posted, I’d have to go with the fourth photo. I love the stylish his & her sinks made in wood. My only concern with this is that it lacks storage space.

    >Keaton Oakes

  8. Those bathrooms are stunning! My sister will absolutely love to use this as inspiration for her bathroom renovation too. As for me, my favorite would be the one in the first photo. It’s because it defines the word “comfort” in comfort room. =)

    - Terence Watthens

  9. did you install that barn wood vanity with the window pane shower? If so, could you please provide me with manufacturer?