Friday, November 16, 2012

Projects & First Birthday Parties

Poplin & Queen is in the middle of designing an older beach house (think panelled walls and charming architecture) for a young family. We pulled in durable, kid friendly fabrics and mixed in vintage and modern furniture together. I'll be sure to post photos after we install everything!

We also have a client who is young and just bought a home. She wanted to add some color and a little glamour into her living and dining room. She loves pink, so we told her she better purchase those blush colored pillows now before she gets married. I don't know many men other than Grayson Cheek who would live with pink, but I sure do love him for it!

With the holidays coming up, my social calendar has been filled to the brim so I'm savoring every second with Tilley-Gray. On Saturday we spent the day on Wrightsville Beach and went to Tower 7, our favorite taco place, for lunch. 

I can't believe Tilley-Gray is going to be a year old in just a few weeks. Scratch Paper Studio created the most adorable invitation for her party. 

You know that when I laid eyes on this jacket, I had to purchase it right away. Tilley-Gray is going to wear this with a little tutu and her red glitter Toms for her party.  
Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. precious! enjoy this special time! first birthdays are a blast:)

  2. Darling invite and I had to laugh because I thought this jacket was precious when I first saw it and shortly after another blogger ripped it to shreds by questioning someones parenting skills if they dressed their child in it. Honestly, I think it's adorable and I love how it works with the theming! Cheers!