Monday, November 19, 2012

It's that Time of Year...

Family gatherings in the Cheek household call for one thing no matter what, and that one thing is a great cocktail. I'm typically a wine girl, but for the holidays, we break out the cocktail shakers and stock the bar. Matchbook Magazine's "bar cart essentials" is a fabulous guide on how to stock your bar.

If a bar cart isn't in the cards for you, transform a china cabinet like Miles Redd

A bamboo bar cart is a classic and Society Social just came out with a new favorite!

Transform a little nook into a bar by adding built in cabinets. 

When all else fails, a table and nesting baskets will do the trick. 

Tilley-Gray loves our bar cart so much we had to finally take all of the bottles and wine glasses off. Believe me, I wasn't happy about it, but the minute it was cleared, she climbed right on it. 

What are some of your favorite cocktails? Bourbon Ginger with a splash of soda is a fall favorite of mine!


  1. HI Fifi, Love your Blog! If you like Bourbon and Ginger you should try a new liquor, from a friend of mine in Charleston,called Virgil Kane. Its a Bourbon/Ginger mix, very Yummy! Not sure if they have it yet in NC but its all over SC.

  2. Hi Lindsey Cheek, thanks for sharing the cool photos of dining room. I'll rearrange mine like you.
    OGradys Landscape

  3. Tilley-Gray already has great taste!.....but of course, she is your offspring! :-)