Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day ___ of Things I Love: Forgiveness

I am covered between workshops, emails, and photoshoots this week. Thank you for being such patient blog lovers. I'll be back as soon as possible once I can find my way out of the mountain of to-do lists. In all reality, it's exciting and thrilling because I get to do exactly what I love to do, but while in the trenches, it's a bit overwhelming and scary. Thanks for the support, you are all so sweet.
 In the meantime, keep an eye on one of my favorite wedding blogs for our workshop preview as well as the Food Network that aired my dear friend and neighbor on Restaurant Impossible!
A little eye candy to keep you cozy on this cold and rainy Thursday. This insane beauty and style is one for the the records. Love everything about it!

1 comment:

  1. fifi, i am so glad i discovered your blog! it's a delight! i can't wait to read more when you're less busy ;) this photo is so chic...i want to BE this girl!