Monday, July 11, 2011

Belly Shots and Dressing with a Belly

To all my mommas in the making, getting dressed every morning can seem like a full time job in itself. Because I had a horrible experience at the maternity store, I've steered clear of going back and am happily buying things a little bit larger than normal and hitting up the Gilt maternity sales whenever possible. It's working for now. 

At the beginning of my pregnancy, I had plenty of options because of baggy dresses and the belly band. I wore over sized button-ups and t-shirts on the daily. 

At 15 weeks, I had to pull out the maternity shorts. 
 Shirt by J.Crew and extra baggy shorts by Joe's Jeans.

I'm not sure when it happened, but somewhere between 15 weeks and 18 weeks, I popped. I was right in the middle of wedding craziness, and a dress that had fit just fine was now making me look like a pregnant stripper. SO not a good look. 

This is the husband and I with Polly Anna and Cooper on the 4th of July. I can still squeeze into some of my regular dresses. This dress is from Zara and the band hits just right above my bump. 

Now a little past 20 weeks, (HALF WAY THERE!) I'm still wearing regular dresses but buying them a size bigger than I normally would. Some maternity clothes are seriously heinous and I just can't do it. I wear the same few dresses over and over, but mix them up with jewels and accessories. 
Dress and necklace from Oliver. 

Fortunately, I'm not alone in this escapade. Other than fab friends here in Wilmington, a few fellow bloggers are due right around the time that I am and have shared some fashion tips of their own!

I love Sydney's casual style. She writes one of my favorite blogs, The Daybook .

Joy from Oh joy! is equally adorable. This little shrug is ideal to cover up the tatas that have become larger than life these days!

So, all mommas and mommas to you have any tips for dressing with a bump?


  1. You sure did pop! I am 21 weeks tomorrow and can still get away with some of my dresses as long as they are empire waist and the bella band with a couple pairs of my pants. I am going to have to get a couple pairs of maturnity pants soon! You look to cute with your bump!

  2. Rachel Pally! (piperlime always has it on sale!) Michael Star pregnancy tops are fairly inexpensive and aren't quite as boring as regular shirts. I also had 4 pairs of designer maternity jeans, but my favorite pair came from gap!

    Also, go to and click on their designer section.

    But otherwise I think you have it figured out... Accessorize!

  3. You look as cute as ever! Love that necklace from Oliver too!!

  4. AGREED- maternity clothes are just not that cute. I have bought a few basics for the summer (white shorts and jeans) and lots of flowy tops. ASOS has some cute dresses in their "maternity" section. Check it out! I'm at the end of my 22nd week and recently found out we're having a baby girl too- so fun. Great blog!

  5. You look amazing and I love your blog (just found it via pink wallpaper...) ! I never wore any maternity clothes, the only exception being a pair of white citizen jeans and one pair of joes :) Well worth the investment! Just buy cute stuff that has some room that you can and will want to wear after you have the baby. Maternity clothes are such a waste of money. There are way too many styles out there right now that work for preggo bellies :)

  6. Love your style girls! I am in the bump biz and see alot of adorable mamas to be but, you three are absolutely STUNNING!!! Best wishes!

  7. have you looked on asos? they have ADORBS maternity stuff(just bought some stuff for a friend) and it is free shipping both ways if it doesnt fit!

  8. i found- and love- your blog! seriously, such great style. and maternity style? you put me to shame. good thing my kid is almost 2 or i would cry! very impressive!