Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Blog Love

I found this blog and was delighted to find that she also has a little shop in Charlotte with tons of treasures. 

I think I may just need these gold birds to put on my bookshelf. Anything gold and bird goes well there. 

My love affair with stripes continues. This chair melts my heart.

PS: I am the last person on earth to be on Pinterest, so pretty please someone invite me.
Thank you for inviiting me to Pinterest. It's totally addicting and I LOVE it!


  1. Done. Just sent you an invite. You will be obsessed!

  2. Bryn is an amazing interior designer and has a great blog, which I lived her to her shop as well!

  3. Lindsey! I am officially the last person on pinterest, I accidentally deleted my invite. Will you send me one?