Friday, July 29, 2011

honey-do list

This weekend I'm going home before wedding season kicks up again. Charlotte isn't too far from my home town, and we are in serious need of storage in our bedroom. I saw this Ikea makeover and thought that with a little tweaking it could work in our bedroom for bedside tables. The honey-do list is going to epic lengths after this weekend.

Here is the inspiration

This is what we are buying from Ikea. You get what you pay for in quality, but I can't afford to pay $5,000 for bedside tables and can't find anything in our price range that I remotely like, so this will be a good sub until then. 

And this is similar to what the final product will hopefully look like, found here.  It wont' be the same colors, but more of a monochromatic palate of creams and beige, which I think will look really fab. I'll post pictures when the project is due, but it may be awhile. The husband's honey-do list is several pages long. 

Another project that we are buying this weekend is the lighting for the nursery. I have always loved this chandelier, but really fell for it when I saw how Jenny from Little Green Notebook turned it into a sputnik chandelier and sprayed it gold. We will just stick to spray painting it gold, but look at this transformation!

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Here is another ikea DIY bedside table that is super cute!

  2. You should really look at the Overlays product from "Gorgeous Shiny Things" blog Danika Herrick. They would be perfect on that dresser.

  3. That light makes me super happy. I love it! Have a great weekend!

  4. i was going to suggest the overlays product as well! just a fabulous idea!

  5. nice...can't wait to see the pics of the after!