Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nursery Inspiration, Part 1

I promise Fifi Cheek is not turning into a baby blog, but I did want to share some ideas for the nursery. 

We have a few things in place, like the crib.
 If you can LOVE a crib, then this crib by Dwell Studio  had me at hello. 
I love the clean lines and the modern legs and especially love that I don't have to deal with a crib skirt. 
 I also bought these cuties for the nursery right when I found out that I was pregnant. They are from Anthropologie and are paper maiched out of French books. 

 Do you remember how I told you how much I feel in love with the art site 20x200? I started out with buying just the baby giraffe for our gallery wall, but once I found out I was pregnant, wanted a collection of these baby animals for the nursery. I"ll hang these in a collection above the dresser or changing table. 

With the crib and art work being neutral, I want to punch up the rest of the room with lots of color and patterns. I think that it would be fun to play off the orange in the giraffe and maybe pull in pinks or corals, but I don't want the animal theme to be so literal that we have zebra print drapes. Instead, I would love to something like Quadrille Kazak in orange and magenta. So chic and fun and bright and a fabric that could grow with her into her next room. This particular fabric isn't in the budget, but I think I can find something close!

For lighting, I want to do something really large and fun and this Ps Maskros chandelier from Ikea just might fit the bill, both in design and budget. I think the glam factor could go way up with a good coat of gold spray paint. 

The husband is taking me to Charleston for a babymoon for a long, much needed weekend away! I can't wait to scour the antique shops and eat my way around the city. 
I hope you all have a fab weekend! 


  1. Too funny- we bought two of those Ikea chandeliers for a movie I just finished in May and sold them to the women who run Thrill of the Hunt. Last time I drove by there, they still had those two fixtures hanging in their window. You may want to check with them!

    Cute ideas and I would expect nothing less from the fabulous Fifi!

  2. OMG i am soooooo excited for you Lindsey!! you look adorable pregnant!!! and i need your sconces...where do i get them?!!

  3. Shannon,
    The sconces are from Visual Comfort. I think they may be discontinued, but it's worth a shot! We are SO excited as well and coming to your part of the South tomorrow for a babymoon in Charleston! Thank goodness the heat has broken a little bit! If you ever have that Kazak fabric, let me know, even if it is just a portion. I'm obsessed!!!

  4. Lindsey: I called Thrill of the Hunt and they had JUST sold the last one. What luck!!! Thanks for the tip though!

  5. Just picked that up from ikea. Haven't decided what to do.

  6. We have the baby tiger print for our toddler and the baby bunny for our newborn, since this is the year of the rabbit.

    Found your blog through pink wallpaper. Love it!