Friday, May 25, 2012

Favorite Fridays + Exciting News

How has your week been? This week marks a (happy) ending to almost a decade of planning weddings. The last wedding I will ever plan professionally is tomorrow. The feeling is surreal.


After being in the wedding industry for almost ten years, it's bitter sweet. I have loved planning weddings, have been published in state and national magazines, and most of all, have been successful in having happy clients. 

It was a great career for me, but I am ready to move on. 
What exactly am I am moving on to? I am literally busting at the seams to tell you all, but we (it's a partnership!) have a few finishing details before I can do so. You can read more details about it here on my bff and business partner's blog, I Love Your Crazy.
Exciting does not even begin to describe how I'm feeling right now.
Before I completely spill the beans, let me share some of my favorites.

Favorite Find
I was going to tell you all about this children's line on Wednesday, so I'm glad that I can share now! 
Favorite Tabletop
You  know how I feel about stripes. This was from a Kentucky Derby theme party and I love every single inch of it.  This inspires me to have a fancy dinner party soon! 

Favorite Office
Shannon and I have big plans for our office, and inspiration boards are at the top of our list. LuLu de Kwiatkowski (also known as Lulu DK) has a gorgeous office that was just in House Beautiful

Favorite Entry Way
The graphic wallpaper, the artwork, and especially the hyacinth. Modern, fresh, and gorgeous, designed by one of my favorites, Anna Spiro

Favorite Photos
My two favorite people. Grayson dressed her for church on Sunday, bonnet and all. 

She is starting to snuggle and it melts my heart. 

What are your plans this weekend? After Saturday, we might just take our new boat out to celebrate. Don't get too excited, it didn't have an engine on it until two weeks ago, but it floats and has a cooler and that's all we need right now!

Happy long weekend!


  1. You have a beautiful family. I love the bonnet, she looks like a little lamb :) Excited to hear about your news. Happy Memorial Day! xo

  2. What an exciting time! You now have me busting at the seams to know what you are doing! I know whatever it is it will be wonderful! I may be emailing you- I've been wanting to get involved in event/wedding planning for a LONG time and would love to speak to you about it!

    She just gets cuter and cuter!

  3. Can't wait to hear more about the business! Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

  4. Such exciting news! I can't wait to hear more about the new venture!

  5. Soo excited to hear about your new business!

  6. How exciting! Cannot wait for the big reveal :)

  7. Congratulations on your new company!

    I love a good snuggle with my son! That pic makes me miss him while he's at school.