Friday, May 4, 2012

Favorite Fridays

How has your week been? Again, this week has flown by for me. When I was pregnant, everyone told me that the days would be long but the years would fly by with a new baby. I totally disagree because I think the days and weeks fly by as well! 

Do you any favorites from this week?

Favorite Bag
This Tory Burch straw bag is so cute and would be a perfect bag for summer. It could replace my diaper bag (which is a black hole) and is big enough for my things too!

Favorite Way to Wake Up
This could be the perfect way to wake-up on Mother's Day.

I'm not moving into another house unless it has a walk-in closet. 
This would make my mornings so much easier, and a bit more glamorous!

Favorite Flowers
Peonies are my absolute favorite! I came home last Saturday to these after coordinating a late wedding.  
Note how "mommy" is spelled. I guess they don't require spelling in law school. Still, so sweet!

Favorite Cocktail
In honor of the Kentucky Derby tomorrow, we will be having Mint Julips while we work in the yard. Not a bad combination, right?

Favorite Recipe
Warm Lemon & Shallot Potato Salad 

Favorite Photos
Tilley-Gray is now eating solid foods, which is making her precious legs and arms nice and chubby. In fact, a little too chubby for her bumbo chair. I need to buy a high chair, but can't even think about purchasing the one that I really want. It's gold and gorgeous, but a little pricey. Any suggestions?

The Easter Bunny brought Tilley-Gray a Jenny Jump-Up and she is obsessed. 
She squels and trys to grab the dogs when they walk by. It's perfect because when I'm working, I can put her in it and she just entertains herself!

I just found this photo strip from my step-sister's wedding and had to share. 
We haven't let loose like this in a long time!

Grayson and I are prepping the house for the HGTV magazine shoot that is less than two weeks. I had a slight panic attack a few days ago and started making a list a mile long of things we needed to do before they got here. I actually emailed the editor and she assured me that our house was exactly what they wanted and not to worry. How nice is that? 

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


  1. This one is amazing!!! So easy to clean, comes in a few color options and it looks cool. Worth every penny! My daughter loves it and she is just 3 months older than Tilley..

  2. Congratulations on your HGTV magazine shoot! How neat! Have you checked out the Boon Flair chair? I purchased the orange and white one for my son and I love it! Nordstrom carries it and offers free shipping.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Would LOVE to see more pictures of your house! Especially as it sounds so lovely!

  4. The Jenny Jump Up photo is precious! I totally remember my younger sister and brother having one of these when we were kids, and they too went crazy for it! I might need one of these once our little nugget arrives. How fun to watch her giggle and entertain herself?!?

  5. Hi Lin, Don't buy the bloom chair, it looks lovely but my best friend told me it was pure crap. Bad quality and it's very big and not so practical.
    She gave it away and bought a 20 dollar antilop IKEA highchair which was a lot better. If you prefer design, look for a trip trap chair from STOKKE, that grows with you baby. Mine is still 2 months, but soon I will purchase one myself.
    Good luck
    xxx Chantal

  6. I bought the Oxo high chair (probably my 5th high chair over the course of 2 children) and it is the absolute BEST! So easy to clean and looks great. Perfect size chair, tray, etc. Highly recommend. Do not get anything wood like the Svan. While I love organic materials, they wear fast with so much cleaning. Plus the Svan is really really tiny. My 9 month old was a tight squeeze.