Monday, October 10, 2011

Birthday Wishlist #1: Shoes

My last year in my twenties is coming up officially next Friday. That's right, I'll be 29. I was home this weekend in Hickory and saw my step-sisters who are 22 and 25 and that seems like only yesterday. I can't believe that in the next six weeks I will be 29 and I will be a mother. Whoa!

In all reality, I have asked for practical things like new running shoes and a breast pump for my birthday. Totally boring and depressing, but albeit things that I need. I would rather just not celebrate my birthday at all this year. I think that 30 will be easier for me than 29 because at least there won't be so many unknows in the future as there are this year. 

 In a selfish plot to shield my insecurities of age and motherhood, I think it's best that I ignore what's really going on for a little bit and do a little retail therapy instead. Who's with me? Of course, the husband and I have to tighten our budget belt a few notches in order to prepare for this sweet babe, but a girl can dream right?

Being 33 weeks pregnant, I feel huge, puffy, emotional, and so not sexy. I'm not saying that these would go on my feet right now, but it would be nice to have something to work for? These shoes from Zara could be the key.
Another perfect shoe from Rachel Roy

And just because in all reality, ballet flats may be as chic as I get in the next few months, these from Bloch aren't only adorable, but also super comfy.

Happy Monday!


  1. Heels always make you feel better! Your almost done, so you should get a pair to leave the hospital in :) Happy Birthday!

  2. I love the cork ones ... on my list now too!