Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Guest Post from Design Shuffle

A few weeks ago, Design Shuffle contacted me to see if I would be interested in a guest post. One look at their site and I knew it was a great fit! They have amazing features that haven't been seen anywhere else and their bloggers and writers are super nice. I hope you enjoy! Check out Design Shuffle here for more inspiration!

Hi, I'm Susi, a writer for Design Shuffle, a wonderful social media site for designers around the world to showcase their projects and design ideas.  I'm so happy to be visiting Fifi Cheek today and writing about must have nursery accessories.  I've been following Tilley-Gray's impending arrival (Congratulations!) so I know nursery decorating ideas are a hot topic.  Here are my eight must have accessories for the nursery. Are your favorites here? If not, please share! Enjoy!

Mobile Nursery Decor

When thinking about must have accessories for the nursery, don't forget to look up!  Mobiles and colorful accessories hung from the ceiling will entertain baby when she's on her back getting changed or in her crib.

Soft Handmade Toy

Soft toys that are safe for little hands and mouths make great accessories.  Handmade is even better. Like this sweet owl made from socks!

Mirror Nursery Accent

A mirror is a must have nursery accessory.  Babies love to look at themselves and can be entertained for ages in a mirror.  Make sure the mirror is secured well to the wall.

Nursery Art Design

Another must have accessory for the nursery is art.  Nursery art can be super simple, like these different colored circles, or more sophisticated depending on your taste and interior design style.

Lamp Nursery Accent

Charming lamps, perfect for low light for feeding or changing in the middle of the night, are a must have accessory for the stylish nursery.  Combine with an overhead light like a chandelier or pendant for a well lit nursery.

Nursery Pillow Design

Charming pillows create a comfortable seat for mom or dad as well as add extra cushion on the floor for little ones who are rolling.  Love this cushion from Michelle Mason.

Pouf Nursery Design

A pouf is one of the big must have accessories for a nursery right now. Seat, foot stool, soft place to climb... poufs are so versatile for a baby's bedroom design.

Storage Nursery Design

Colorful bins and baskets, boxes and bowls can all make for charming accessories for the nursery for all those bits-&-bobs.  Fabric bins and baskets are soft enough to have on the floor for little hands too.

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These design inspirations are just the beginning! †Head on over to Design Shuffle to see the latest in design trends including talented work from San Francisco interior designers, Boston interior designers and more!

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