Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A little recap

The weeks and weekends have been full of preparation for Tilley-Gray's arrival. Mom and I went a little crazy this past weekend in Charlotte. She bought Tilley-Gray the littlest skinny jeans at Gap. I could die they are so cute. 

Insomnia has set in and I have been a walking zombie the past few weeks. Yesterday a girlfriend told me that I could take Tylenol PM. I could have kissed her on the mouth I was so excited. Last night I got a solid six hours of sleep and feel like a super star today. 

They say that pregnancy rubs off on those around you, and it is most definitely the case on my sweet dog, Polly. She is comatose at all hours of the day. Case in point...

She is the most loyal dog, so when I wake up in the middle of the night, so does she. Since we both had a restful night last night, she was bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning. Note the snaggle tooth. She is in major need of braces. Bless her heart.


  1. the mini jeans and dog = cuteness overload!

  2. Such teeny tiny skinny jeans! What a little budding fashionista she will be! And your dog is heaven.

  3. The mini skinny jeans and the dog are both adorable!!

  4. Those skinny jeans are too cute! I have a 10 week old and she has them as well. I die whenever she is dressed in them with her ballet flats!! Where is that dog bed from? It is so chic in that Kelly Wearstler fabric!! Love your blog!

  5. HI!
    The "dog bed" is actually a foot stool that I covered in Kelly Wearstler fabric. My dogs have a big Orvis dog bed right now that I am trying to replace but I haven't been able to find an affordable one that I like. Polly Anna thinks that that foot stool is her perch thought! :)