Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pink Ribbon and a Surprise Purchase

Last week was a whirwind with a busy Thursday with Pink Ribbon, a diaper dinner on Friday for our friends who are having twins, my very last wedding of the season on Saturday, and our couples baby shower on Sunday. It was such a fun weekend and I can't believe that it is already over. I recovered from all of the festivities yesterday. Having a social calendar that full can really wear you out!

 I was invited to the Pink Ribbon breakfast and dinner by my sweet friend, Elisha, who owns Blush. We had a ball at the breakfast and then the husband and I joined Elisha and her husband, Lee, that night for the dinner. 

The breakfast was a ton of fun and Mary Kay Andrews, one of my favorite authors was the speaker. She is just as hysterical in person as she is in her books. If you haven't read any of her books, you should! They are easy reads and will make you smile!

The centerpieces at the breaksfast were cakes, and our table had cake pops. I thought these were hysterical!

There was a silent auction and Paysage  donated a piece of art I have long admired. The retail value is somewhere around $2,500.00 but the opening bid was much, much, much less. Waaay less. No one had bid on it but there was a buzz around it so I decided to break the seal and put my name down for the minimum bid. Because I was an invited guests and had not made a donation, it was the least I could do, right? Surely, someone else would bit on it. 

That evening, Grayson and I went and joined our friends for the dinner. On the way, I told the husband what I had done, and showed him a picture of it from when it was on the cover of House Beautiful. He was impressed and really liked the artwork, but neither one of us mentioned it the rest of the ride there.

Elisha and me at Pink Ribbon Dinner

Elisha's husband, Lee, and Grayson at Pink Ribbon Dinner

At the end of the night, my name was the only one on the bid sheet. I thought that Grayson was going to KILL me. I told him I was sorry about 100 times, but he kept saying that he wasn't mad and he was glad that we had won it. Thank goodness that there was an open bar there for him; he could have all the scotches he wanted! 

 Lee and Grayson loaded our new painting into the back of my car and as I drove home, I was so excited for the purchase. The next afternoon, Grayson came home for lunch and hung it up in it's new home and I think it looks great. It was an unexpected purchase, but that is the best way to make your house a home. So instead of the shoes for birthday and jewels for a push present, I am now the proud owner of a beautiful piece of art work. I'm happy to have things like this in my house that our entire family can enjoy!

In other news, we had a couples baby shower that was so much fun on Sunday! We are so blessed by sweet friends! Photos of that to come, but in the meantime I have to share one of my favorite gifts...

Isn't that the cutest? I'm not sure how Cooper will respond to Tilley-Gray, but at least he will look his best when they finally meet!

I hope ya'll have a great Tuesday! 



  1. Oh you are so lucky what a timeless piece! p.s. my son is named Greyson and I love seeing a grown man with that name, because it seems so debonaire! He looks dashing must be the name :)

  2. Oh my gosh! I love that picture. I showed Will the same one ... nuts. Where is that room? Living? Dining? Just curious.

  3. The artwork is absolutely stunning! It may have been a surprise purchase but it is a gorgeous one! And for such a lovely cause too. Congratulations.

  4. Hi Shannon!
    Our house is shotgun style, so it's actually positioned between a set of windows in our living and dining area.

    Amanda, I love the name Grayson too!