Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Stripes are my very favorite pattern, and it is very apparant throughout my home and my closet. I don't NEED five black and white striped shirts, but I always gravitate towards those in the morning when I'm rushed to get ready. Here are some of my favorite striped walls and floors. 

This horizontal stripe gives a lot of style to an otherwise boring room. 

For such a tiny kitchen, a striped floor gives it big design

Striped window treatments are great as well. You can find inexpensive striped fabric here.

One of my favorites! Taking stripes to the ceiling makes this almost like a circus tent!

Ticking stripe wallpaper gives this room a manly feel

I LOVE this powder room! This would be so much fun to get ready in for a night out on the town!

Tonal horitzontal stripes are perfect for a little boy's room. 

Horizontal stripes for a hallway

Horizontal striped walls and window treatments give a great layered effect

I LOVE this striped entryway, especially how they took the stripes onto the ceiling!

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