Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Glow

Becoming a new mom comes with excitement and joy, but to be honest, these past few weeks I have been totally freaked out. I wish I could fast forward and just see what it's going to be like a year from now, just to make sure that we are still OK. Do other soon to be moms feel the same way? Selfishly, I don't want to loose myself, and although so many people have told me how incredible it is, I am still a bit scared.  I know that all of the sacrifices are worth it, but sometimes I just can't help to think about all of the changes that are coming our way. 

I stumbled upon The Glow late last night and to say the least, it was just what I needed. It showcases moms that have inspiring careers. I'm not sure what the future for me will look like, but this sure does put my mind at ease a little. 

The Glow is a glimpse into the world of inspiring and fashionable moms.

Here you’ll find their styling ideas, go-to gear, multitasking secrets, and enviable decor.

Before creating her own brand-building empire, The Terminal Presents, Jenne Lombardo masterminded Fashion Week’s brilliant partnership between M.A.C. & Milk (which she still oversees). Known for her fierce style—leather pants, six-inch platforms, and heavy-metal jewelry—this super-organized mother of three gracefully switches from reading bedtime stories to walking red carpets, while managing to make it all look easy.

"I’m proud of them every minute of everyday. I’m so grateful that these beautiful little soul-babies are mine—they are my soulmates."

In a minimalist-meets-luxe apartment high above Central Park, Laura and Diego Garcia are the picture of familial bliss. The French-Brazilian designer gained instant success in 2004 with her ready-to-wear line Abaeté. The collection was scooped up by Bergdorf Goodman and Intermix, and eventually turned into a lucrative collaboration with Payless. After becoming a mom, Garcia shifted her focus to the world of interiors and now works with the artist Bernard Figueroa to create cast bronze lighting pieces. Together with her musician husband, she raises their trilingual baby in an elegant space sprinkled with art, books stacked floor-to-ceiling, and family photos. When they’re not on tour with Diego, mother and child explore the city together—frequenting the very same spots that Laura, who grew up just a few blocks away, treasured as a kid.

Before landing at True Religion, Jeanann Williams worked her magic on brands like Alexander Wang and Victoria’s Secret while at powerhouse agency KCD. With her laid-back style and effortless approach to motherhood, Williams embodies the understated charm inherent in the east end town she calls home. Beach chic meets cool sophistication at the Montauk house she shares with photographer Ben Watts. The couple has passed their easy-going sensibility onto to their daughter; already a world-traveler, Ruby’s eclectic wardrobe reflects her globetrotting upbringing—France, Ibiza, and Australia all before her second birthday.

When I had Ruby, my former boss from Sigerson Morrison told me, ‘here’s the secret: buy kids’ clothes in Paris.’ She’s been my mom mentor. Now I always shop for her when I’m there for the shows. I find all of these great, affordable pieces in muted colors and classic styles at Monoprix. Here, there’s so much pink and blue with Winnie the Pooh on it."

See more stylish moms at The Glow


  1. It is totally natural the way you are feeling. And I can assure you, the second you meet eyes with your baby girl, nothing else in the world will matter. It is the most amazing feeling! I just found out I am having a baby girl due in March, and although it is my second child, I am extremely nervous too! Again, it's just the way mommies naturally are:) Also, I used to date a guy named Grey. My name is Grace and we used to always say we were gonna name our first born Grayson haha!

  2. Aw, I just started following your blog and feel the same way. I 'm 28 weeks today, and it is so exciting, but so scary too. I'm righ there with you!

  3. Beautiful photos. I am not sure that the word easy comes to mind but I have found that having children and still begin creative are both rewarding. I am sure you will do great!
    kayce...mother of 7

  4. This post really spoke to me. DON'T feel selfish. I completely and utterly agree. I am not yet married or in the place in my life to have children but I hope to be there soon. However, I have many friends who have had kids only to seem to have lost themselves to only being mommy. We spend our lives trying to identify our self, be good people, friends, wives, daughters. I understand the life changing feeling of having a child but being a mom shouldn't change the entire identity you have crafted over 30 or so years. Women can be many things and need to maintain that balance, even after baby arrives. Congratulations again and I think that knowing what you want outside of only being a mom will assure you to be successful at it!!

  5. Thank you for sharing The Glow - I just love it! I do not think you are too selfish at all. I often have these same thoughts. I'm not a mother yet but truly love working/having a career and want to be the best person I can. I'm trying to fit in things before I start a family (training for an Ironman now) but I think the best example you can to your kid(s) especially a daughter is to work hard and do what you love. Lead by example. Thanks!

  6. What you are feeling is perfectly natural. Motherhood is huge, but oh! so worth it. You are going to be great. You aren't selfish at all. Just normal! :) (which is a great thing!)