Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 1 of Things I Love: Pink!

I love love love pink. Everything about it, I love. To me, it is the most romantic, happy color. I think everyone looks great in pink, especially my husband! A dash of pink nail polish or lipstick can really pull a girl together. A pink accent pillow can transform a room. Pink flowers can refresh a dull room. I love pink!
*For the record, Tobi Fairley posted her "Pink" post one day after me. I'm not saying that the sista is reading my blog, I'm just saying that I didn't copy her.

Domino Magazine (RIP)

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  1. The girly girl in me (or maybe the only girl in me haha) has always loved pink! I discovered this vintage settee the other day, and it inspired a google image search. I found this picture, and thought of your pink posting! Oh how I love everything about this picture!!