Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 26 of Things I Love: Martha Stewart

I admit, I love Martha Stewart. I have been an avid reader of her magazines and books since I was in middle school. My freshman year in college, I met one of my best friends through Martha. I was unpacking my collection of Martha Stewart Living magazines and as she walked by my dorm room, she screamed. She had brought her  magazines as well! We were instantly friends and have been so ever since.

Martha may be known as "the bitch that knows everything," but I think she is fabulous. She has turned cooking and entertaining and crafts into a multi million dollar company. Anyone that can turn what they love doing into a profession is lucky. Martha has got it going on.

One of my favorite covers from Martha Stewart Living

Love how she turned mason jars into something so chic

Martha's craft room at her "country" house. So jealous!

She makes freezing vegetables look good with these printable labels

"Easy" recipes for weekday meals

Homemade donuts make an adorable luncheon extra special

love love love

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