Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 16 of Things I Love: Bar Carts

The husband, apparently, needs a bar cart desperatly. He needs to be able to see the inventory so he can choose his poison. He's a Johnny Walker guy. He likes good Scotch and Bourbon and smokes a pipe...for real. He is an "old soul" you could say. Whateve

We need a bar cart for a few reasons:
 1: We have an embarassing amount of liquor under our cabinet that is taking up room where I could be storing more useful things, like these and these and these

2: We have an awkward space in our house that needs to be filled with furniture. I have two cane chairs that are being covered right now that will go in that space, but a bar cart would be fab in between the two.

3: I bought some gorgeous glasses at Christmas... too pretty to hide away. They need to be seen, even if it is just for me. I love them.

4: Bar carts give a house that touch of glamour. When I saw Bunnie Williams speak, she said that the reason people back in the day entertained so much in their homes was because restaurants didn't have liquor licenses. She grew up in Virgina. Times have changed, but I LOVE having people over. I also LOVE that if you have a bar cart, you aren't playing bartender all night. That's no fun. A bar cart gives your guests the ability to make their drinks themselves. Hooray

Some of my favorite bar carts are below. The husband and I have completely different ideas in what a bar cart should look like. I want sleek lines and he likes this version. In our house? Gross

With a bar cart, you can snazz up the space with artwork, flowers, and monogrammed cocktail napkins. 

I have to cut this post short now because I'm sitting in the coffee shop and the couple beside me is making me want to vomit. He has "mud chops" on his face and bottle cap glasses, sweatpants and cowboy boots. She has permed red hair, matching sweat pants, and they are groaping each other and it is clearly their first date. I feel so uncomfortable. Sorry for the mispelled words and the poor grammar. I'm seriously about to loose it. 

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Linds! My parents gave us a bar cart for my birthday last year, but I think it's more along the lines of Gray's pick then your sleek, snazzy servers haha It definitely is a substitute bartender though!!

  2. I was just about to tell you about Roxy's bar cart! But she beat me to it. It's sooo cute!