Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 3 of Things I Love: The Classics

*Note: Last night was an amazing night because one of my favorite lifestyle/decor authors commented on this blog! I nearly died. I asked my husband to check yesterday's post for grammar and he noticed that I had two comments and there it was, a comment by Vicki Archer. I screamed so loud that both of my dogs were barking at me and my husband thought I was having a siezure. Imagaine, my big dog that is so crazy he has to be medicated on Prozac and my little King Charles Spaniel, both growling at me and my shreiks. Thank you Ms. Archer, you really made my day!

Off my soapbox and on to the classics, some of my favorite things that are essentials. Although I did not grow up with any of these things and still don't own most of them, I think that just one of these items can transorm your wardrobe. I don't love these because they are fancy or expensive or designer, I love them because they are seasonless, timeless, and so chic. My mom says that a good attitude and good teeth can get you far in life, but a little Chanel can never hurt.

Burberry Trench
Last year for my birthday, I received a Burberry trench and have cherished it so much. It can really pull a look together, even if you have on ratty jeans and a tee shirt. If you cant't quite afford Burberry, there are other trench coats out there that are beautiful. This is seasonless, timeless, and so chic.

Chanel Quilted Bag
Saving my pennies for this one. I would love to have this purse one day, and although I can't truthfully say that this would be my last bag to ever be purchased, it would certainly be my favorite. So classic and beautiful!

Christian Louboutin Shoes
with a hidden platform for comfort and extra height; flawless.

Chanel Flats

If Jackie did it, so should we! Pearls can really class up anything and can go with a cocktail dress or a tee shirt. Real or faux, buy them and wear them often!

Clubmastser Ray Ban Sunglasses
Again, the Kennedy era. Jackie, Marilyn, and Audrey all wore them, so does Beyonce and Lady Gaga. I have them and they are so comfortable!
Crisp White Shirt
Buy as many of these as you can! You can wear it with high wasited dress pants, belted with skinny jeans and flats, tucked into a funky skirt with tights, or over a bathing suit with a fabulous sun hat. This is one thing that is so economical based on the number of times you will wear it.

The Weekender

Globe Trotter Suitcase
I know, it is going to get banged up and bruised, but there is nothing like a ratty suitcase to ruin a chic outfit that you have pulled together. I'm guilty of this many times over. Invest in a sturdy, classic suitcase to keep all of your lovelies safe and organized.

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