Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 10 of Things I Love: Stationary

I love love love stationary, I'm old school like that. Nothing excites me more than getting mail that's not a bill when I get home. Do you remember writing letters to friends you met a camp or on vacation when you were young? One of my best friends to this day I met a camp and we became great friends through the mail. Back then, it was notebook paper, but I love to snazz it up a little with beautiful stationary. A few of my favorite paper companies are Mr. Boddington's Studio, Smock, Wiley Valentine, and Dauphine Press. All of these companies work on thick paper and then use a letterpress in their design. Bring snail mail back in a most fabulous way!

Mr. Boddington's Studio custom note. I love how cheekiness of the card!

Single ladies, you need this. A little assertive in the most adoring way.

A most perfect set of wedding stationary, outlining activities and schedules with charm.

 a la Mr. Boddington's Studio

Letterpress card by Smock

Cute birthday card by Smock

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  1. Love! I promised a friend I'd write a "hand-written" letter, but haven't done so because I can't seem to find my signature stationary!! I've been out the hunt...Can't wait to check these sites out!